I wish i could fuck my classmate


Don't want to share their age

I have a gay relationship with two of my cousins. Each are on different sides of the family. No one knows.

I tried to have sex with my neighbor's cat.

I want sleep all day

Im in love

I think less of rich people

I really wanna tongue your ahole

I have had a friend with benefits

I was so in love with my English teacher

I live in Tokyo

We have changed girlfriens with my son.

I don't love you anymore..

I've slept with my boyfriend's sister. Never told him.

I want to tweet somenthing but I always too shy for do that.

I ate from someones candy

I know that my ex started a new relationship while we were still together. She thinks she played me.

I'm in love with a married guy


Don't want to share their weight

One day I will shine!

I shot the sheriff. But I didn't shoot no deputy


I was a really big fan of Aaron Carter

In high school I went clothes shopping tripping on LSD with my mom

That's right. We have no idea.

I knew you were watching porn in the bathroom last night instead of having sex with me.

I don't feel like any of these things are that bad.

I masturbate to gay porn


Don't want to share a recent relationship breakup


Don't want to share details about their sex life

I love gooch play more than my own bhole

I feel lust most of the time

I hate my job


Don't want to share that they got fired from their job

God doesn't exist

My friends think I work hard, but I do not.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I'm horny

Friends are good to have

I like cheese

I like to watch, when you work hard..

I've had sex with 4 women who all know each other

I sleep naked at night.

I hope my ex is miserable.

It's been over since it started.

I killed my mother

I feel fine


Don't want to share their salary/income

I've lied.

Flowers arouse me

I am not a virgin

I like porn,like, A LOT

I once killed a Rhino

I truly love this website!

Masturbated to shemales

I watched your sex tape on your phone. I touched myself.

I wasn't a good enough role model for my brother; now he's dead.

I work too much.


Don't want to share the death of a loved one

I shoplifted from a clothing store once.

I've had a relationship with a drug addict.

I regret how I treated a friend in high school.

Got arrested for minor drug possession (marijuana).

I've shoplifted as an adult.

I've tried LSD

I use cocaine

I was 23 when I lost my virginity.


Don't want to share feelings of guilt regarding family relations

I never told my parents that I almost died of alcohol poisoning once.


Don't want to share that they have fallen in love

I poke my nose every day and it's neurotic.

I've starred in a porno.

I have a panic disorder. I keep it to myself.

I lost my virginity when I was drunk and didn't tell the guy that I was a virgin.

I was bullied in school.

I feel guilty that my daughter had to take care of me when I was feeling bad.

I peed in a bottle once when the bathroom was occupied. Haha!


Don't want to share their economic difficulties, e.g. debts

I cheated on a test in high school.

Feel guilty that I left my fathers death bed after waiting 26 hours, he died five hours later.

I cheated on my ex with 2 different guys.

I cheated on my ex with the same person on two occasions. Never told him.

I exposed a love affair by writing a letter in another person's name.

I had mental problems when I was younger.

I haven't completed the last exam in my education, but everyone thinks I have.

I do drugs.

Feel guilty that I was under the influence of drugs during my job as a youth leader.

I feel guilty that I didn't take the opportunity to be with a very special person.

I'm ashamed that I shoplifted as a kid.

I shoplifted once.

I've lived on minimum wage for over 12 years.

I'm bisexual.

I slept with my best friend's ex-husband.

I hate my job! :)


Don't want to share problems with their health

I've been unfaithful twice and tried drugs.

I like reading fan fiction

I bullied my classmates in school

I made ​​out with my friend's girlfriend. I never told my friend.

Had a one night stand and I don't remember her face.

I feel guilty that I wasn't at my mother's death bed.

I regret that I didn't take care of myself my latest relationship.

In the 70's I belonged to a sect.


Don't want to share their religious beliefs

I regret that I didn't help a person in need and I know I could have made a real difference in that person's life.

I watch porn.

In debt due to health insurance.

I feel guily about my kids having to be raised by divorced parents.

I made ​​out with a taxi driver to get a free ride.

Recently realized that I'm an alcoholic.

I lied to my wife about our financial situation for a few years.

I never told anyone that my ex-husband was in jail.

Had feelings for my ex during my next relationship.

I haven't told my boss that I am pregnant yet.


Don't want to share their political views

In elementary school, I was ambushed by a gang of high school girls.

I have MS.

Tried drugs

In high school I was part of a gang who bullied another person.

During a job interview I didn't tell them that I planned on having another child soon.

When I was younger I used to unfaithful a lot.

I've been arrested for illegal possession of weapons.

I cheated on my boyfriend, something only my very closest friends know about, but we never talk about it.

The same day I got my driver's license I borrowed my parents' car and crashed it into a tree.

Cheated on my husband with one of his friends

I've sold my medicine.

I had anorexia in my youth.

I lied to my boyfriend about how I got an STD

I hate working hard!

I've never had a real relationship. I'm over 30.

I've bought sex in a country where it is legal

In elementary school, I made sure to learn the "eye chart" by heart to avoid having to wear glasses.

I feel guilty that I bullied others in school

I worked to much when my son was younger. He had his father, but a child needs its mother.

I hit a girl in kindergarten because she was ugly.

I take enormous amounts of drugs whenever I can.

I was mean in high school

I've slept with men just to please them

I want to get rid of my co-workers boyfriend.

I have hemorrhoids.

I have a terminal illness.

Farted in a store once. People got really upset.

I used to drive drunk.

I shoplifted as a child

I had sex with my best friend's girlfriend. Never told anyone that.

I don't want to admit my eating disorder.

Slept with my cousin at my uncle's 50th birthday party.

I took an ovulation test and didn't tell my husband.

I never spoke up when my co-worker was falsely accused of a thing at work.

I've had sex with a friends ex.


Don't want to share the fact that they aren’t happy at their work place

I spend more time and energy on my career than my family.

Fantasize about that bad things will happen to people close to me.

I've been in a relationship with a 18 years younger man.

I have a phobia of fainting.