Im really scared pf dying.

I'm seeing someone i don't really have connection with an is also bad in bed.

I started masturbating when I was 11. Im a girl.

I look af people's faces and imagine them cum.

I like 2watch rape porn. Im a girl

I've been having an affair for 10+ years.

I let a girl make love to me. Several times. Am I gay?

I watch porn with 3 penetrations violent. Im a girl

I watch

Every time i start believing in myself, i stop believing myself.

Sometimes I imagine myself slaping people I dislike


Don't want to share problems with their health

I once masturbated at work when the office was empty

I want to dropout of college but I don't want to disappoint my mom.

I can't remember all the people I've slept with

I cheated on every bf I ever had

I like myself too much

I wish i could fuck my classmate

I have a gay relationship with two of my cousins. Each are on different sides of the family. No one knows.

I tried to have sex with my neighbor's cat.

I want sleep all day

I instantly hate everyone I meet

I think less of rich people


Don't want to share their economic difficulties, e.g. debts


I have had a friend with benefits

I was so in love with my English teacher


Don't want to share their religious beliefs

I think about suicide everyday


Don't want to share the death of a loved one

We have changed girlfriens with my son.

I don't love you anymore..

I've slept with my boyfriend's sister. Never told him.

I want to tweet somenthing but I always too shy for do that.

I ate from someones candy

I know that my ex started a new relationship while we were still together. She thinks she played me.

I'm in love with a married guy

I hate being one of those people who complain on twitter. Is that just me?

I fucked my maid

I cheat so I can feel love again

I was a really big fan of Aaron Carter

In high school I went clothes shopping tripping on LSD with my mom

That's right. We have no idea.


Don't want to share their salary/income

I knew you were watching porn in the bathroom last night instead of having sex with me.

I am still having sex with my ex

I masturbate to gay porn

I love gooch play more than my own bhole

I feel lust most of the time

I hate my job

I fall in love with a guy, I'm Man

My friends think I work hard, but I do not.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

I still am in love with a cheating ex.

This is awesome

People are narcissuses, and so am I

My dream is to marry someone rich and do nothing

I've had sex with 4 women who all know each other

I sleep naked at night.

I hope my ex is miserable.

It's been over since it started.


Estoy más enamorado de mi perro que d emi novia


Don't want to share details about their sex life

I've lied.

Flowers arouse me


Don't want to share a recent relationship breakup

I am not a virgin

I like porn,like, A LOT

I once killed a Rhino

I truly love this website!

Masturbated to shemales

I watched your sex tape on your phone. I touched myself.

I wasn't a good enough role model for my brother; now he's dead.

I lied to my wife about our financial situation for a few years.

Got arrested for minor drug possession (marijuana).

Feel bad that my career is the most important thing in my life.

I made ​​out with others when I was with someone

Lost my drivers license once.

I hate my job! :)

I regret that I didn't take care of myself my latest relationship.

I want to get rid of my co-workers boyfriend.

I have a phobia of fainting.

I've lied to my family about my financial problems.

I've been in a relationship with a 18 years younger man.

I've sold my medicine.


Don't want to share their political views

I lost my virginity when I was drunk and didn't tell the guy that I was a virgin.

I feel guilty that I'm not the mother and daughter that I would like to be.

I've stolen from my previous employer

I haven't completed the last exam in my education, but everyone thinks I have.

I regret how I treated a friend in high school.

Fell asleep on our pet parrot and that it died ...

I'm ashamed that I shoplifted as a kid.

Had an abortion at the age of 13

I still check my ex's bank account. He didn't changed his pin code.


Don't want to share feelings of guilt regarding family relations


Don't want to share that they got fired from their job

I have a terminal illness.

Cheated with best friend's girlfriend.

Had to take antibiotics for an STD


Don't want to share their age

The same day I got my driver's license I borrowed my parents' car and crashed it into a tree.

I've tried LSD

I shoplifted as a child

I hate working hard!

I pretend I'm happy

I had sex with my best friend's girlfriend. Never told anyone that.

I've lied about my salary.

My work comes before my family.

Can't help flirting with other guys, even though I'm very much in love with my boyfriend.

I was bullied in school.

Tried drugs

It is a great happiness to experience love and intimacy even though you are 60 +.


Don't want to share that they have fallen in love

In the 70's I belonged to a sect.

I cheated on my boyfriend when I was on a trip.

I bullied my classmates in school

I watch porn.

I feel guilty that I bullied others in school

I've met someone else and I want to separate from my wife.

I've been unfaithful twice and tried drugs.

I am unsure that the relationship I'm in is right for me.

I exposed a love affair by writing a letter in another person's name.

I've tried smoking opium.

I have a panic disorder. I keep it to myself.

I've had sex with a prostitute.

I slept with my best friend's ex-husband.

I failed someone who was dying.

In high school I was part of a gang who bullied another person.

Sometimes I just want to die.


Don't want to share the fact that they aren’t happy at their work place

I've bought sex in a country where it is legal

I've had a relationship with a drug addict.

I regret not telling a girl that I loved her, and now she's with someone else.

Feel guilty that I was under the influence of drugs during my job as a youth leader.

Feel guilty that I don't see my kids and grand kids enough.

From 1959 to 1978, I had a love affair with a woman. 14 of those years I was married with three kids.

Fantasize about that bad things will happen to people close to me.

Farted in a store once. People got really upset.

I took an ovulation test and didn't tell my husband.

I was 23 when I lost my virginity.

I spend more time and energy on my career than my family.

I feel guilty that my daughter had to take care of me when I was feeling bad.

I've slept with men just to please them

Had a one night stand and I don't remember her face.

I was mean in high school

I've shoplifted as an adult.

I have low self-esteem

I've never had a real relationship. I'm over 30.

I tell people that I don't mind being single, but I do. I'm sad…

I cheated with a girl at work for a year or two. No one knows about it. Or at least I don't think so.

Feel guilty that I left my fathers death bed after waiting 26 hours, he died five hours later.


Don't want to share their weight

I'm in love with my neighbor.